Deanna Ruth, the oldest of the siblings and the leader of Spirited Strings, enhances the group's sound with her viola. She began learning the violin and viola at age 4 and has won numerous awards for her viola performances. Her viola playing is often requested for weddings and string trio performances. In addition to playing the viola, Deanna is an advanced flutist, not only playing the traditional Boehm flute but also the Irish flute, Vietnamese sao flute, and Chinese dizi flute. Deanna enjoys having opportunities to use her music to tell others about their Savior.


At age 18, Karina Grace is the youngest sibling in Spirited Strings, but she has a wide variety of talents. For worship services she may play the cello, psaltery, and the mountain dulcimer. During concerts Karina sometimes adds in stumpf fiddle and bowed dulcimer and occasionally sings. When she is not helping out Spirited Strings, Karina Grace can usually be found doing some wonderful Christian artwork, which she will sometimes bring along to performances.

Jane Mose is the matriarch and a founding member of Spirited Strings. She plays piano, guitar, and hammered dulcimer, and she also sings and wrote most of the texts for the services. She is one of the two managers of the group.



Katherine Ragner is the newest member of Spirited Strings. Her previously undiscovered vocal talent is a welcome addition to the group! 



Mea Cho helps out the group for the "Celebration of Faith" services. She plays gentle percussion instruments such as the cajon and shakers to accompany string instruments as needed. Her sisters are very happy to have her on board!

Paul Mose is the patriarch of the group. He does setup and runs the sound board, and has done a doctrinal review of the services.

Nathan helped get Spirited Strings started and performed on the group's first album. He also began learning instruments at age 4, but he enjoys the lower ranges of instruments. An accomplished and award-winning cello soloist, he plays not only the cello, but also the string bass, guitar, and bass guitar. Nathan also enjoys singing and playing the trombone and baritone. He is on a leave of absence from Spirited Strings right now, but we hope circumstances will allow him to rejoin the group in the future.


Alicia Michelle has a love for music that is surpassed only by her love for God and her family. She began studying music at age 4 and was an advanced performer on four different instruments by age 7. She has won numerous awards for violin and fiddle and has been the featured soloist with three different orchestras. For Spirited Strings Alicia Michelle has played the violin, fiddle, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and hammered dulcimer, and she has done most of the music composing and arranging. She is not currently playing with the group, but we hope to be able to work with her again in the future.


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